Suzanne Suthers – Colour Consultant & Personal Stylist Nottingham

As a Personal Stylist and Colour Consultant let me help find the right colours and styles that will make you feel fabulous and when we look better we feel much more confident!

Often we want to improve our image but don’t know where to start or what our own style should be. Discovering the range of colours and styles to buy for my individual colouring and shape when I had my Colour and Style analysed, enabled me to transform the way I dressed.  Within weeks I began to feel more confident and comfortable with my new wardrobe and always had something to wear.

Feeling so transformed and with new self confidence I wanted to share these skills and after working for several years in fashion retail I trained to become a Colour Analyst and Image Consultant.

Now I can help you discover just how stylish you can become enabling you to be the very best version of yourself.

I’ll show you how to embrace current trends in store whilst still looking appropriate and individual.

My main services are Colour Analysis, Style Coaching, Make-up Lessons & Personal Shopping and provide Beauty Services too, to help you maintain a polished look.